Transcend Announces 16GB DDR3L Memory Modules for Upgraded Capacity and Energy Efficiency


Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend ), a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade products, is proud to announce the launch

of the 16GB DDR3L memory modules. The newly released 1600 MHz U-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs feature 1.35V low voltage design

and leading 16GB high capacity on a single module based on 1Gbx8 DRAM chips. These modules are fully compatible with

Intel ® Atom Avoton/Rangeley processors C2000 series and AMD DDR3 platforms, ideal for high performance computing (HPC) applications.

16GB High Capacity on 1Gbx8 DRAM Chips

Transcend's 16GB high density DDR3L modules are based on 1Gbx8 chips, maximizing memory capacity and optimizing the use of

rank number and space. These DDR3L memory modules are constructed with top-quality DRAM chips that deliver stable performance

and durability. Offering high speed transmission of 1600MHz, Transcend's DDR3L DIMMs comprehensively promote the system performance.

1.35V Lower Power Consumption

Transcend's DDR3L memory modules have a low operating voltage of 1.35V, reducing the electrical load of the memory bus and consuming

up to 20% less power compared to 1.5V standard DDR3 DIMMs. This not only saves customers' bill, but also prolongs the battery life of

portable devices and protects the environment by consuming less energy. Furthermore, since each module generates less heat,

systems can operate with reduced temperatures and increase the overall reliability of the module.

Guaranteed Quality

Transcend's DDR3 memory modules are fully compliant with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards and

undergo strenuous 64 bit kernel, single-core and multi-core testing to ensure the best quality possible. All DDR3 models carry

Transcend's renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Part Number





DDR3L 1600 U-DIMM 2Rx8



DDR3L 1600 SO-DIMM 2Rx8

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